LNG Tugboats for Sale by Builder of the World’s First LNG Tug

As the builder of the first Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) escort tug, Sanmar A.S. has proved itself as the leader in tugboat innovation and design.

Focused on the mission of providing the best tugboats to worldwide marine customers, Sanmar started building the first of its LNG tugs for Buksér og Berging, a renowned offshore service provider based in Norway. Since then, the popularity of these specially designed tugs has skyrocketed among offshore service providers like Buksér og Berging and other prominent global companies.

The reason LNG tugboats are becoming so popular is because of their ability to tow and push platforms, ships and barges while minimally impacting the environment. Companies are also saving money in fuel costs due to natural gas’s higher level of efficiency.

In addition to having a wide range of sustainable qualities, LNG tugboats by Sanmar also have:

– Powerful, efficient engines built by Rolls-Royce

– Increased response time

– 20% higher thrust efficiency than normal tugs

– Less byproducts that make engine rooms cleaner

Natural gas has already proven itself as a popular form of energy among transportation devices on land. With the powerful and efficient LNG tugboat, Sanmar has brought this extraordinary concept of propulsion to sea.

When companies invest in these innovative tugboats powered by liquid natural gas, they can expect more than becoming a responsible service provider. With an LNG fueled tugboat, companies will also secure 1) a sustainable asset for the present that will power through into the distant future, 2) a more reputable name because of its new sustainable assets, and 3) less overhead and long-term savings due to natural gas’s abundance, efficiency and lower cost.

All tugboats created by Sanmar for tug operators have the highest degree of quality and cost-efficiency. With the LNG tugboat, this is now more valid than ever. If you’re interested in upgrading your offshore or terminal operations and LNG tugboats for sale, contact Sanmar about the new LNG tugboat today.