Sanmar Proudly Built Borgoy The World’s First LNG Powered Tugboat in 2013.


Sanmar, the Leading Turkish Tugboat Company, Has Been Producing Tugboats and Providing Tugboat Services since 1976. Sanmar Has Built More than 110 Tugboats Which Have Been Successfully in Operation on International Seas.


Sanmar conventional tugboats include Sanmar Series and Doğançay Series tugs. These tugs have excellent response and handling as well as added comfort for the crew. For heavy towing purposes the remotely operated towing winch comes standard with the excellent ship handling Dogancay series. These highly versatile tugs are designed to provide emergency deep sea towage in the Black and Mediterranean seas as well as deliver first rate ship docking service.


As an industry leader of ASD tugboats Sanmar has been building tugs for more than 36 years. Moreover, of the almost 20 tug, pilot and mooring boat models built by Sanmar 15 use ASD drives making Sanmar a highly experience expert builder of z-drive tugboats. Constant state of the art adaptation first class quality as well as efficient production methods are only a few of the reasons why Sanmars ASD tugboats are the most sought after in the industry.


The Turkish tug builder Sanmar Denizcilik has been delivering many pilot boats since 1976 to local and international customers. Sanmar produces high quality pilot boats as a result of the quality construction methods and standards. To achieve and maintain quality production, Sanmar invests in the modern and high-tech shipyards and the production process which ensure the development of excellent designs and fulfillment of customer expectations.


Sanmar Denizcilik is both the designer and the builder of its mooring boats. Sanmar builds different size of high quality mooring boats for its local and global customers. To satisfy customers’ specific needs and requirements, Sanmar customizes the design of the mooring boats.


Sanmar is a leading tugboat company that builds not only standard tugboats but also custom built tugboats upon request. Since its establishment, Sanmar has built more than 110 tugboats and many of these tugboats are customized to meet the unique expectations and requirements of its international clients.


Sanmar built the world’s first liquid natural gas powered tugboat | LNG tug. The vessels were ordered by Buksér og Berging AS of Norway, and the world’s first LNG tugs were ready to serve in 2014. Sanmar’s LNG tugboats have efficient and powerful engines built by Rolls-Royce, 20% higher thrust efficiency and increased response time.

Every ship we build meets the requirements of int ernational regulations, classification rules and is delivered on time.


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