A Market Leader for the Best Tug Boats for Sale

Sanmar is a market leader in the building and selling of quality and powerful tug boats and work boats for sale. The company has a wide range of tugboats that they build using state-of-the-art technology. In fact, at present, more than 100 Sanmar tugboats are in operation around the globe. These tough, reliable, and steadfast tugs affirm the company’s position in the world’s tug industry. In this website, you will discover some of the reasons that have helped Sanmar become the market leader in the tugboat building industry.

Sanmar has been in existence for more than three decades. As such, the company has years of experience and expertise in the building of quality tugboats. It is a fact that throughout its years of operation, the company has seldom received complaints from its customers. Its customers have never regretted their decision to purchase the company’s tugs for sale. Accordingly, this has boosted the company’s reputation around the world and made its products highly sought after.

In addition to their years of experience, the workforce at Sanmar A.S. is all expertly trained. Indeed, some of the employees at the company started working while in their teens as an apprentice; thus, they are overflowing with skills and expertise in the construction of superior tug boats. Sanmar A.S. undertakes routine and mandatory training for all its employees to keep them up-to-date with the latest technological developments. This is why the company’s tug boats for sale have been on the cover of many maritime magazines creating a major buzz in the tug industry.

More importantly, Sanmar’s market leadership as a tugboat builder is demonstrated by the fact that they are the first tug company to build a Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) powered tugboat. The LNG tugs are innovative because of their exceptional abilities such as better engine performances, efficiency in fuel consumption, and reduced emission of dangerous substances to the atmosphere. The executives of the company state that they hope to complete the design and construction of the revolutionary tugboats in late 2013.

As a conclusion, Sanmar A.S. has not relented in building the highest quality tug boats since its foundation. It is a fact that the company’s tugs for sales are second to none in the marine industry. Emphasizing on optimal production processes, adoption of new technologies, and commitment to exceed customers’ expectations, the company hopes to maintain its market leadership in the years to come.

image: LNG fueled tug boat